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St. Peter’s Cathedral Nyakatare

St. Peters Catheral, NyakatareSt. Peter’s Cathedral Nyakatare is the centre of Mission and Evangelism of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Kinkiizi, being the 1st church in Kinkiizi and where the diocesan office sits. It started as a native Anglican Church (N.A.C) under the then Mbarara Parish/deanery in 19 15. In 1935, Kinkiizi (Nyakatare) became a parish, a deanery in 1962, and in 1977 it was upgraded to an Archdeaconry status. In 1993 Rev. Can. John Ntegyereize became an Archdeacon and Coordinator preparing for the birth of the Diocese of Kinkiizi. The major economic activity in the area is subsistence farming. Food crops grown in the area are Bananas, Sweet potatoes, Beans and fruits. Tea growing is the main cash crop in the area.

According to the Church census data collected in 2014, St. Peters’ Cathedral has a total population of 1400 people (Adults and Children) who are mainly of Bakiga tribe. Seven hills of; Nyakatare, Masya, Bwoma, Rumba, Cathedral, Bushura and Ifubuura form one parish of the Cathedral Chapter. It does not have another parish under it like other Archdeaconries in the diocese. The Cathedral ministers in schools of; Nyakatare primary school, Bishop’s Primary School Kinkiizi, Kinkiizi High school Nyakatare and Nyakatare Technical Institute. There is only one Health Unit in the area; Nyakatare HC III and this is owned by the Diocese of Kinkiizi. All the mentioned schools are Church founded.

Currently, the Cathedral is served by the Dean; Rev. Can. Patrick Habaasa, a Vicar; Rev. Christine Kembabazi Tweheyo and a Lay Reader; Mr. Gad Tumwegamire. Past ministers who served since 1935 when Nyakatare became a parish are listed below;

1.Daudi IkuratiireAg. Pastor1935 – 1945
2.Rev. Eliya NdyanaboParish Priest1946 – 1948
3.Rev. Kezironi MutangaParish Priest1949 – 1950
4.Shedrack KinangaAg. Pastor1951 – 1961
5.Rev. Can. Erinest RutagarukayoRural Dean1962 – 1976
6.Rev. Fred MugengaArchdeacon1977 – 1978
7.Rev. Can. Kosiya BanyenzakiArchdeacon1979 – 1982
8.Rev. Can. Ernest NshakiraArchdeacon1983 – 1985
9.Rev. Can. John KilimaaniArchdeacon1986 – 1989
10.Rev. Can. David KeesigaArchdeacon1990 – 1992
11.Rev. Can. John Wilson NtegyereizeArchdeacon1993 – 1995
12.Rev. Can. Geoffrey IzoobaDean1996 – 1999
13.Rev. Can. Nathan TuryahikayoSub dean2000 – 2004
14.Rev. Can. Enos KomundaDean2005 – 2010
15.Rev. Can. Benon NkwasiibweSub dean2011 – 2013
16.Rev. Can. Patrick HabaasaDean2014 – to date

St. Peters’ Cathedral perfects her Ministry following the Diocesan Mission statement; “to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, demonstrating the love of God through practical services in ways that are relevant to all people’s needs so that they can enjoy God’s total liberation”.

There are two main weekly eventful days in the cathedral;
Every Friday; From 9:00am – 4:00p.m; Fasting, Prayer and Witness for Christ.
From 5:00p.m – 6:00p.m Bible study class

Every Sunday; 8:00a.m – 10:00a.m; English Service
10:00a.m – 1:00p.m – Vernacular service.
Other services delivered include; Evangelism, Pastoral ministry, Fellowships, Guidance & Counseling, Children & Youth ministry, Women & Men ministry and Income Generating Activities (Tea & housing)

Lack of staff quarters and transport means pose a big challenge for the cathedral and these hinder Cathedral staff from perfecting the work of God in the vast catchment area of around 10Km2, especially the day – today Pastoral ministry. The few available staff accommodation needs renovation as they are all dilapidated.


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