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The Diocese has been privileged to secure a new funding from Civil Society Fund that will work in HIV Prevention among thehiv/Aids people of Kanungu District for a period of three years i.e. October 2013 to August 2016. The Project will receive a total fund of 600 Million Uganda Shillings. Currently the programme is employing 8 staff members who are being coordinated by Mr. Agaba Andrew. The project is operating in nine subconuties of Nyamirama, Kambuga, Kambuga Town council, Rugyeyo, Katete, Krima, Kanungu Town Council, Rutenga and Kinaaba. The following activities have so far been implemented within a period of one month because of late release of funds.
  1. Project start up meetings and Launching.
    The project held 1 Project startup meeting and Launching that was attended by 40 different people from the area of operation who include diocesan heads of departments, sub county chiefs, councilors, LCV chairperson, district heads of focal departments and the Bishop was the guest of honor who finally launched the project.
  2. Conducting HCT out reaches
    The project has held several HCT Outreaches in different areas of the diocese such as Nyamirama, Burora, Migyera, Kanungu town council where 1500 people have accessed the HIV Counseling and Testing services.
  3. Recruit & train VHTS and peer educators 90
    90 people were recruited by the project from different parishes with in the 9 sub counties of operation and have all been trained as community volunteers among them, there are 50 VHTs and 40 Peer Educators.. These are already doing a very good job in our communities in terms of mobilization, counseling and organizing communities for participation in the project activities.
  4. Behavioral Change and Communication Educational sessions
    The project has conducted 3 behavioral Change Communication educational sessions among the people of Rushaka,Nyamirama, and Rubimbwa. This has been through drama shows and facilitation using different approaches to deliver the message of HIV prevention through behavioral change.
  5. Reproduce and distribute IEC / BCC materials.
    The HIV/ AIDs project has produced 500 T- Shirts, and distributed 250 with a message of prevention and 1050 posters and Flipcharts with prevention messages.
  6. Participation in commemoration of the world HIV /AIDS day
    The HIV programme participated in the commemoration of the world HIV/AIDS day that was celebrated in Nyamirama Sub County. The Diocese contributed the Brass band and its facilitation and all the staff of the project were present to represent the diocese on the function
  7. Capacity training for staff
    To strengthen the capacity of the implementing staff several trainings have been held to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to deliver services effectively and efficiently. The coordinator and the project manager attend one week training for programme officers in Colline hotel on project management and the M&E officer and one field officer also had one week training in monitoring and evaluation of the project and data collection and analysis. And all the staff had one day training in mobilization programming and implementation in addition to project proposal familiarization to properly implement the project.
  8. Procurement of equipments
    The HIV/AIDs project under this funding has been able to purchase the following equipment that is helping the project staff to do their work.
    1. Motorcycles
    2. Laptop computers
    3. colored printer
    4. office Nickon camera
    5. desks for office
    6. office chairs.
  1. The project has one donor - Civil Society Fund ( CSF)
  2. Lack of Motor vehicle transport especially when a big team is going to the field and when it's raining.
  3. Lack of funding to ending to establish youth friendly centers.
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