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KNH - Project

The Diocese of Kinkiizi through its partnership with Kindernothilfe KNH sensitizes communities on how to improve their standards of living through the promotion of self help approach. This approach has been implemented in Kirima sub county for a period of 6 years and this has registered a number of achievements which include;

  • Increased incomes in over 500 house holds
  • Improved hygiene and sanitation
  • All school going aged children are now able to attend school
  • Less dependency of women on husbands
  • Increased awareness of children and womens’ rights.
  • Accessibility of clean and safe water where 32 water sources have protected and 8 rain water harvest tanks constructed.
  • Community access roads opened up, like Nyamahundu in Rutugunda and Nyakagyezi in Kihanda
  • Over 70 youth acquired different vocational skills which are now helping them to earn a living.
  • 92 Self Help Groups (SHGs) were formed and 8 Cluster Level Association (CLAs) which later formed a federation as a phase out strategy.

It is from this background that the Diocese of Kinkiizi decided to proceed with this approach to a new sub county of Nyamirama where the approach is currently being promoted, (under preparation to implement a community development project). We want to thank our partner KNH that has continued to extend its support to the Diocese of Kinkizi to enable it fulfill its vision “ To create diverse and dynamic communities making Christ known through faithful worship, work and witness”.

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