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Kirenzi Hill - The Summit of Kinkiizi

Kinkiizi Diocese acquired land on Kirenzi hill to try and make it into a tourist hub in order to generate income that will be used to improve services for the people of Kinkiizi. Its height is 5,494 above sea level. When you climb to the peak you have a birds view of the whole of Kinkiizi/Kanungu District able to view parts of Eastern Congo in north-westerly direction, L.Edward in a northerly direction and parts of Rukungiri in a north-easterly direction. Kabale District is in a southerly direction, but it is obstructed by rugged hills of Matare and Rutenga.

One is able to see Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, L. Edward and Rwenzori mountain ranges among other sceneries. The top of the hill is rather flat. This makes it conducive for tourism development. The southern side of the hill is covered with bush and land thicket, which is a bird sanctuary. A number of different species of birds can be found. Proposed developments on the flat top of Kirenzi hill include: a camping site, a helicopter landing site, a conference hall, walkways, a car park, scenery viewing seats and MTN mast for telecom Network. Today there are MTN and MANGO masts that generate income for the Diocese. Unfortunately, without financial resources, we will be unable to fulfill these worthy plans.

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