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Diocesan Pension and Gratuity Scheme

At the time of inauguration in 1995, the pension and gratuity was like a dream. No one could even think of having a pension after retirement. It is great pleasure that the situation has changed. Today, the Diocese has a coordinator and a secretary/accountant for the scheme. They have managed to raise retired clergy and clergy widows' pension benefits from 60,000= UGX per year in 2006 to 30,000,000UGX by 2013. 28 serving clergy and other church workers have managed to contribute 2% of their monthly salary in their personal pension accounts. A total of 57 parishes have managed to contribute 10% of Christmas collections to be credited to their pastor's account. Credit goes to our fund-raisers who are doing all they can to produce a capital sum in order to pay for the administrator of the scheme in its few years, and also, it has been able to set up a building in Kihihi T.C (Pensioners house)

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