Community Health Empowerment (CHE)

Community Health Empowerment started in the Diocese with the vision seminar in 2014. This was followed by Training of Trainers where at least 21 trainers from 9 selected parishes from two Archdeaconries of Rutenga and the then Nyamirama were trained in CHE. All Saints Kanungu Archdeaconry was partly considered in 2015 bringing a total of 10 parishes in the diocese with CHE program. Trainers are to mentor the parish community health educators where each is assigned to mentor 10-15 homes. Rev.Godfrey Byamukama is the Diocesan CHE Coordinator.

Vision: To see the church built up in faith, purpose, zeal and mission for our Lord Jesus Christ so that her members are equipped to reach out with the Gospel of Christ through a whole person ministry of love and compassion.

Mission: To train disciple and mentor church leaders to be equipped to lead people into experience of salvation, the fullness of the Holy Spirit and Christian growth.

Goal: To prepare church leaders and members to minister holistic ally to their neighbours with community development and transformation.


  1. To assist in equipping and strengthening the local church leaders and members (Mt.28:10,25:34-40)
  2. Prevention of common diseases
  3. Promotion of health lifestyles
  4. Promotion of discipleship that lead to abundant life
  5. To produce spirit filled trainer, committee member and community health educators (CHEs) who will in turn disciple others
Expected outcome

Vibrant disciples who will become pillars of the church who will reach out to their communities with the love of Christ. We are committed to an integrated ministry that address the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of the people with the expected results being community development that lead to transformation of individuals, congregations and communities.


Integration of physical and spiritual is a key distinctive and non- negotiable strategy of this ministry. The integration of the spiritual truth into a physical outreach is a way of thinking which must be constantly re-enforced.

Community Development is rooted in obedience to the commands of Christ. It is driven by the desire to see individuals come to faith in Christ and see lives, households and communities transformed by obedience to the principles of God’s word.

The multiplication principle in 2Timothy 2:2. To Train/Educate faithful people to teach others who will in turn teach others is manifested as those who complete the syllabus go to community and train committees and CHEs actively share what they have been taught to people in homes assigned.


Participatory learning using LEPSAS method which leads to self discovery of solutions. We do not lecture or preach in training sessions but by asking questions whenever possible and listening to each other participation and the value of each participant is enhanced.