Planning & Development

The diocese of Kinkiizi has different departments that include the development department among others. The development department is the planning and development unit of the Diocese. It has its mandate of planning right from the grass root churches up to the diocesan level.

There is a team at every church level with clear objectives to foster development and ensuring systematic planning. This team meets twice a year .The first time is at the end of each year and another one in June for evaluation.

At Diocesan level, the team is comprised of The Diocesan Bishop, all heads of department and all Archdeacons. This team analyses all the issues in the Diocese and forward them to relevant boards and committees for implementation. This leads the Diocese to come up with a year planner that is punctuated with several diocesan activities.

The Development department addresses several components that include, Village savings and Loans association, capacity building, data management, Networking and Collaboration, Lobby and advocacy, Environment protection, water and sanitation, and gender mainstreaming.