Father's Union

We are blessed to have got Fathers union as a Department which works hand in hand with Mothers Union department. This department was introduced in the Diocese in 2009 under the coordination of Rev. Edward Maririre up to 2014 January and currently coordinated by Rev. James Kabagambe. The department has a committee chaired by Canon Onesmus Turyahabwa who is the “Nyineka” of the Diocese.

The establishment of Mothers’ Union in the Diocese has motivated men to start their own department. Since the establishment of this department, a number of achievements have been registered such as;

  • Men’s participation in Church activities has improved
  • Many unwedded couples have come to Church for official marriage/Holy matrimony
  • Domestic violence in many Christian homes have been reduced through teachings, preaching, counseling, workshops and seminars where by husbands and wives come together for such meetings and learn much about marriage affairs.
  • Fathers union Sunday has been designated in the Diocese, on the day commonly known as St. Peters’ day 30 June whereby men participate in Church activities, like reading lessons, preaching, thanksgiving, prayers and many others like induction of fathers in the union.

Some have started local saving groups. However, the department is not yet strong to support itself financially as finances to run it is gathered locally from parishes.