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Finance Department

The finance department is a very important organ for the smooth running of Diocesan activities, and it is run by Can. Fabith Katureebe assisted by Rev. Can. Charles Tibenderana the Diocesan cashier. Under the structures, finance and management practices of the Church of Uganda, the Diocesan Treasury aims at finding ways and means of strengthening the financial, logistical, administrative and management capacity of the Diocese. The Diocese is composed of 57 parishes and quota is the major source of funding from these parishes. Parish pastors and Lay Readers are paid specific amount per month instead of being randomly paid. Salaries/stipend is determined by the Diocese but the payment is done at the parish level.

We thank God for Can. Fabith Katureebe who has helped much in settling Diocesan Finances. She has trained all Layreaders in the Diocese on how to handle Books of Accounts. A system for improving on transparency and accountability was put in place by forming committees as examiners of accounts at every level; sub parish, parish, zone and Diocesan Office. The Diocesan Treasurer receives monthly reports from parishes and this helps the office in knowing the financial state of these churches in case any problems arise. Timely and up-to-date Audit reports are given to the relevant Diocesan organs. The Finance department uses external auditors to audit books of accounts every financial year. To reduce the strain on central office, Bishop's office encourages departments to support themselves. Apart from Diocesan quota, the Diocese also receives some income from property rent; the House being occupied by Stanbic Bank Kihihi Branch, and Kirenzi Hill occupied by both MTN and Mango boosters. We are also very grateful for our overseas Mission partners who provide considerable resources for God's Ministry and hence greatly help our work across the Diocese.

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