Evangelism and Healing

The Diocese of Kinkiizi is predominantly evangelical, and a special office for this Ministry has been established at the Diocesan headquarters. Since 1995 the following have served as mission co-coordinators; Rev. Nathan Bitindi (RIP), Rev. Davis Kiconco, Rev. James Munyambabazi and Rev. James Kabagambe who is currently the mission coordinator.

We are very grateful for the work of mission in Kinkiizi Diocese through seven healing and deliverance centres, and in all congregations in the Diocese. The Diocese has taken this ministry very seriously following Christ’s ministry of preaching, teaching and healing (Holistic Ministry). The Diocese has allowed the exercise of spiritual gifts in prayer, evangelism, healing, fasting, preaching, sharing of testimonies, fellowships, Bible study, guidance, counseling, Christian ethics and Morals. Christians have periodic one day fasting on the summit of Kirenzi Prayer Mountain.

In order to reach a wider population, there is preaching over the Radio every Sunday Morning hours. We are also blessed to have got the Words of Hope programme over the Radio every Wednesday. This program aims at reaching marginalized groups like Batwa (pygmies), sick in their beds, prisoners and elderly. This programme of Words of Hope covers almost all parts of Western Uganda including some parts of Rwanda and Congo and its future is to see the whole World evangelized through Radio Broadcast.

The department has challenges like; Lack of Transport means, Geographical problems many areas being hilly, lack of music systems/Public Address system, Lack of finances for facilitating the seminars, crusades and outreaches in and outside the country. This ministry as the core of the church needs prayer and support to run effectively.