Health Department

At the inception of the Diocese in 1995, the Diocese had no health units. There was one government hospital at Kambuga. Later, the Diocese started a health department headed by a Diocesan Health coordinator whose responsibility is to supervise all health centres around the Diocese.

The first health coordinator was Rev. Dan Zoreka now the Bishop of Kinkiizi, followed by Rev. Can. Enos Komunda(RIP) and currently Ms Katumba Ritah. The Diocese now has a hospital; C.O.U Bwindi Community Hospital which started in a humble way in 2003 as a health centre through the tremendous work of Dr. Scott and his wife Carol Kellermann, with the intention of providing quality health care to the pygmies who were living in Bwindi forest and later became a National park. More about the hospital can be found at The Diocese has 15lower facilities that provide preventive, curative care, HIV/AIDs extensive services. Maternal and child health is more of our emphasis.

The major challenge is poverty in communities which hinders the most affected population like women and children to access quality health services and transport facilities especially for the department which could ease the supervisory work of the Diocesan health coordinator to all heath centres.