Kanyantorogo Archdeaconry

Kanyantorogo Archdeaconry

Kanyantorogo is one of the Archdeaconries in the Diocese of Kinkiizi. It was formerly Burema Archdeaconry although it was later called Kanyantorogo but the centre remained at Emmanuel Burema Church of Uganda Parish.

The good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was first heard in Burema (the Kanyantorogo Archdeaconry Parish centre) in 1922. The first catechist was called Petero Katwa-Kyoma who hailed from Rujumbura.

The 1st church at Burema was a group of few people who would gather under one of the three big trees for shelter in the current Burema Primary School playground. In response to the trumpet, people would come for prayers wearing hides, they would sit on grass under the tree to hear the good news of the gospel. According to elders in Burema, sometimes snakes would attack the gathering and after killing them, they would sing Hymn 74 in Runyankole Rukiga Bible.. “Ira abaisirael bakarumwa enjoka...” (Israeists were beaten by snakes but there is life for a look at the Crucified one) They would be filled by the Holy Spirit and continued to increase in number.

Some of the first catechists include; Petero Katwa-Kyoma, Kosiya Kahama, Yoel Mujungu, Musa Byanyima, Isaaka Bashekye, Yokana Bakebwa, Kezekia Muhunde, Stanley Mbeeta and Yoel Nduuru.

In 1966, Burema became a parish. Pastors that served in the Parish are; Rev. Kezekia Kanyima, Rev. Peter Kalebya, Rev. Samuel Kaseta, Rev. Sadayo Kabare, Rev. Elinest Nshakira and Rev. Charles Busingye.

In 1985, Burema became an Archdeaconry. Rev. Stanley Mbonabweira was the 1st Archdeacon followed by Rev. David Keesiga, Rev. Ephraim Kurama, Rev. Evas Kurama, Rev. Fred Bazirake, Rev. Stephen Begumisa, Rev. Enos Mukombe and the current Rev. Can. Bernard Byamugisha.

Being an Archdeaconry, Kanyantorogo has 9 parishes, namely; Emmanuel Burema C.O.U, Centenary Kanyantorogo C.O.U, Kishenyi C.O.U, Kancerere C.O.U, Kihembe C.O.U, Rukarara C.O.U, Bushoro C.O.U, Bugiri C.O.U and Kanyungusi C.O.U

Major economic activity in the Archdeaconry is agriculture, coffee & tea are grown as cash crops and a variety of food crops including banana plantation, Cassava, G.nuts, beans, millet, sweet potatoes and maize.