Mission Partners

We are very thankful to God for a number of charities and individuals that have supported Jesus Christ’s mission in the Diocese of Kinkiizi. These include;

Kellermann Foundation:This is based in USA. We thank Mrs. Diane Stanton and Dr. Scott Kellerman for coordinating this charity that has basically supported and funded several projects in support for Batwa welfare in the Diocese. Through this Charity, Bwindi Community hospital and Batwa Development Program exists. We thank the Reedy family that has recently funded the construction of Maternity Ward at Nyakatare HC III through KF.

Mary Wood Trust (MWT):In memory of late Mum Mary Wood, the Charity was started to continue the good work she had started to support girl child education. The trustees led by Clare Ramsden has enormously supported the growth of Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School through scholarships and infrastructure.
Clare and her husband Oliver Ramsden have donated towards construction and maintenance of Ramsden Guest House and procurement of Guest house vehicle. May God continue to bless the Ramsden.

Kinkiizi Action Group: This is a charity based in UK. It is coordinated by Gill Tybjerg and has been supporting the diocese in areas of health, education and women empowerment. We are grateful to the leadership and Christians of Christ Church Deanery for their kind support to God’s people in Kinkiizi.

Mission Helping Hands: A charity based in UK. We thank Sheila Cochrane for coordinating donors through this Charity that supports Mothers’ Union Department in many areas including Mothers’ Union Vocational Training School.

Scholarship Program: Coordinated by Rev.Can.Marvin Barmforth and his wife Sue, the program has supported thousands of students to pursue their education in Secondary and Tertiary institutions. We thank all the supporters who donate towards this program.

St. Mary’s Church: Based in UK coordinated by Jessica and her mother Holland. The Christians of St. Mary’s Church supports Nyarugunda, S.S, have also supported in area of education and the House of Hope (HoHo) project in support of needy children. We praise God for this link.

WATSAN UK: The WATSAN UK charity is based in UK. Through NKKD project, it has supported in areas of Water and Sanitation. Several shallow wales and school tanks have been constructed not forgetting awareness and sensitization on sanitation. We are always thankful to Ian and Ellie Bensted for coordinating all the funders.

MFB – Germany: This has supported the Batwa education, especially at Bishop’s Primary School Kinkiizi the school has benefited a lot from this Charity based in Germany. We thank God for the relationship.

Uganda Church Association:Has supported training of Church ministers in short courses, including contribution towards training of all active Clergy in basic Law in 2018, and training of a staff at CORAT- Kenya in Senior Church Administrators’/ Executives Management Course. We will ever be grateful to God for the support.

Li Tim-Oi Foundation: The 'Daughters of Li Tim-Oi' are agents of change in church and community across the world. The Foundation has supported education of several Female for ordination in the Diocese of Kinkiizi. We thank God for this ministry.

Falkirk Scotland: Coordinated by Dr. Tom Blyth, Falkirk has greatly supported Nyakinoni Health Centre by contributing towards staff wages among others. We treasure the Falkirk support to the Diocese of Kinkiizi.

John and Anne Pink (Couple)We thank God for this couple that has supported some diocesan staff and most especially, the recent scholarship to train a doctor at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Our appreciation to Pink family.