Nyakinoni Archdeaconry

Nyakinoni Archdeaconry

Nyakinoni is approximately 25kms from the Diocese of Kinkiizi headquarters. It started as a church on 5th June 1948 at Karonde. The church was later shifted to the current site in 1951 and was given a sub parish level. In 1965, Nyakinoni became a parish and eventually attained Archdeaconry status in 1986. Currently, the Archdeaconry is comprised of four parishes; Nyakinoni, Karubeizi, Kishuro and Mpangango.

Agriculture is the major economic activity in the area with Coffee and Rice grown as cash crops and a variety of food crops including; Rice, millet, ground nuts, maize, Matoke, Cassava, Beans, sweat potatoes and yams. There are only small trading centres in the area; Kyepatiko, Katete and Katafari.

The Archdeaconry has a population of 7727 Christians according to previous church census in 2011. The area is mainly inhabited by three tribal groups; Bakiga, Bafumbira and Banyabutumbi. There are 6 primary schools, 1 Secondary school, 2 health centre II and 1 Health centre III.

Nyakinoni as an Archdeacon has some projects, i.e Afforestation, Coffee growing, Money generating activities through Community based SACCO, Village Saving Credit Association, and construction of Churches plus Church leaders residential houses.

Spiritual worship program:

  1. Healing ministry every month
  2. Mission day after every three months
  3. Fellowship on every Tuesday and Thursday
  4. Two church services (English and Rukinga) every Sunday
  5. Pastoral visits to elderly, the sick and all Christians at large
  6. Church leader’s pastoral visits to conduct chapel service once a week to enhance spiritual development in schools.

The outline of clergy who served at Nyakinoni since 1965 to date;

1. Rev. Kashambuzi Gershom1965 – 1972
2. Rev. Bitarabeho1972 – 1973
3. Rev. Nhakira Elinest1973 – 1978
4. Rev. Kabale Sadayo1978 – 1981
5. Rev. Katombozi Zabrone1981 – 1982
6. Rev. Peter Kaleebya1982 – 1990
7. Rev. John Kilimani1990 – 1991
8. Rev. George Kurama1991 – 1996
9. Rev. Evas Kurama (Assistant Pastor)1991 -1996
10. Rev. David Keesiga1996 – 2003
11. Rev. John Begira (Assistant Pastor)1999 – 2003
12. Rev. George Tumuramye2003 – 2008
13. Rev. Gideon Tuhirirwe (Assistant Pastor)2003 – 2008
14. Rev. Johnson Turyagyenda2008 – 2009
15. Rev. Robert Turyasingura (Assistant Pastor)2008 – 2009
16. Rev. Sight Musinguzi2009 – 2014
17. Rev. Can. James Munyambabazi2014 – to date