All Saints Kanungu Archdeaconry

All Saints Kanungu Archdeaconry

All Saints Kanungu was officially opened on 1st October 1995. The Church rapidly grew from a hill of St. Peter’s Cathedral Nyakatare, to a sub-parish, parish and an Archdeaconry on the same day. According to previous church census, the Archdeaconry has population of about 13,250 Christians who are mainly Bakiga. The main town of All Saints Archdeaconry is Kanungu Town Council. Main economic activity is agriculture and the main cash crop is coffee and tea.

Appreciation goes to Mr. & Mrs Matayo Rukanyangira (Catholics) who agreed to sell their space to the church when the then Bishop John Wilson Ntegyereize approached them with the idea of constructing a church in the town.

Archdeacons who have served in All Saints Kanungu since its inception are;

Rev. Begumisa Stephen1995 – 1996
Rev. Kamara David1996 – 1997
Rev. Can. Stanley Mbonabweira1997 – 1999
Rev. Wilson Twinomuhwezi1999 – 2000
Rev. Kenneth Kanyankole2000
Rev. Dan Zoreka (now Bishop)2001 – 2003
Rev. Saasi Bahira2003 – 2009
Rev. Can. Turinawe Levi2009 – 2014
Rev. Eunice Maririire2015 - 2016
Rev.Can.Wilson Twinomuhwezi2017 to date

All Saints Archdeaconry is composed of seven parishes and these are;

1. All Saints Kanungu - Ven. Can.Wilson Twinomuhwezi
2. Kirima Parish – Rev. Sunday Kanyankole
3. Kifunjo Parish – Rev.Benon Biryomumeisho
4. Nyarurembo Parish – Rev. Robert Turyasingura