Youth Department

Youth and children in the Diocese form the biggest percentage of the Christian population. With the Inauguration of the Diocese, many more young people were brought on board as they are the roots for the Church. The youth and children department is coordinated by Mr. Bannet Ariho, and through his efforts, many youth and children are actively involved in Church activities.

Children churches have taken root. There is a Sunday school in every Parish/ sub parish whereby children are separated from the Christian adults and always fed on the spiritual food by Sunday school teachers. This spiritual nurturing is intended to cause moral uprightness among children, strengthen and lead them to Christ’s saving Grace. We have periodical trainings for Sunday school teachers for rekindling their work. We thank them for their ministry among children.

From this department of youth and children, the youth are offered pieces of advice, resources and support to youth groups from within their own field of youth work. Youth committees from sub parish level to the Diocesan level were formed for easy coordination of the youth activities from bottom to top.

Archdeaconry youth conferences are held annually for spiritual growth and mentoring. There are two youth weeks that are recognized in the Diocese every year that bring all the youth participate actively in the church activities including Sunday church services and one Diocesan Annual Youth & Students Conference every January. This has increased regular attendance of the youth in church services.

Youth comforters in every parish were identified, trained and commissioned by the Bishop to go and provide counseling to their fellow youth and assist pastors in the ministry. Scripture Unions, youth/students conferences in schools have been a priority and this opens the way for spiritual revival among young people and Teachers.

Sports is another ministry that has started in all our Churches in the Diocese and it is very attractive to many youth. This has been a good platform for the church leaders to come with challenging messages for the youth thus change of behavior spiritually.

Boys and Girls Brigade Band

Under the Youth department, there is a section of Boys and Girls Brigade (BGB) Band. This section is led by Mujuni Francis. The boys and girls Brigade is a Christian organization whose main goal is to bring young people to faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The members are taught how to read the Bible, grow in love of God, and given the foundation for a Christian life. This helps them to become upright citizens committed to the Church of God, and self-reliant.

One of the main achievements of our local BGB is to help members to raise funds for school fees by playing Brass Band at special events and functions. We are very thankful for the ministry of BGB Brass Band in the Diocese and particularly thank God for the support by Rev. Can. Marvin Bamforth who gave us some new Brass instruments. Through this, different activities have been carried out spiritually, physically, socially and mentally. We have hope that much more will be achieved in the years ahead.